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Just wanted to say thank you for the great episodes every month. I have been following the show for a while now and have learnt a lot around knowing my reasons for being on LinkedIn, how to properly connect with people and put my content out there. Keep up the great work.

Really enjoy the show. Not sure if you have covered this question already… I am just starting off on LinkedIn and an wondering if I am better to focus on my personal LinkedIn profile or the company page (or maybe both!)?

Thank you for validating the impression I had about publishing posts on LinkedIn compared to status updates, Alex. I did post a few in the early days and they did well but the ROI on my time never compared to my status updates!

I prefer posting a variety of updates, some curated and others linking back to my own content and it works much better for me.

LinkedIn is great for the B2B arm of the accounting firm as you can drill down on your target market by location, company size, seniority level, industry, position etc.

This is not so effective for the B2C as it is very hard to target specific individuals and the information required to break down this search is not always available.

Strong recommend you focus your efforts in the B2B space of the company on LinkedIn. Keep us posted on how you get on.

Going through the episodes I noticed there is a big significance around content (your profile, status updates etc). What is the best strategy for producing this if you are not very good at writing copy?

Thanks Elliot, this is actually a very common question we get asked. If copywriting is not your strong suit then it is best to outsource this to a copywriter as it is an essential part of your LinkedIn activity to get right. You can easily jump online to source a copywriter, for example through Upwork.

Great question Catherine.

There is no set time frame as the nature of building a relationship with each journalist/editor will differ.

Your focus should be on solving their 3 key challenges which will act as a segway into opening up these opportunities.

Remember the goal is to create a long term relationship not pushing them for a media feature straight away.

I noticed LinkedIn recently rolled out their native video function, it would be great if you guys can do an episode on how to best produce and distribute videos to our audience on LinkedIn? Aaron

Hi Aaron, yes they have been rolling it out across the member base over the past month or two. I will pass this on to the production team, we’ve actually received quite a few requests for an episode around this topic. Michelle

I just finished watching Episode 12. Great tips for taking the conversation offline and making it fit in with the existing sales process. But at what stage should I promote my call to action to the connections I am engaging with?

I’ve seen a lot of articles lately around the power of text posts and why they get more traction than videos or image/text posts. Would be keen to know your thoughts on this? Jake

Hi Jake. Text posts do get great traction on LinkedIn, a recent post by our founder Alex Pirouz recently reached over 100,000 people. As the native video feature is being rolled out we are formulating how to get better traction for video posts and will definitely cover this topic in a future episode. So make sure to keep posted. Michelle

I was reading a blog earlier today about the power of leveraging joint venture partnership as a key strategy for accelerating the growth of my business. Is it possible to cover a show on this, as I’d love to know how to find, connect and start relationships with partners on LinkedIn.

This is high-quality content Alex, much appreciated. I watched one of your videos on You Tube where you share how to leverage LinkedIn to connect with journalist and editors in the media. Can you do a show on that and dive a bit deeper into the topic. Ray

Thanks Ray, appreciate the kind words. We put a lot of hard work into the production of our content to ensure it’s of the highest quality. I’ll pass that topic to the team and be sure to cover it in one of our upcoming episodes I think it will make a good show.

When is the next show coming out? It would be good to know what is the one recommendation you have for someone selling B2B services and looking to get leads through LinkedIn?

Yeah I agree like does it work for all B2B companies or just services or what? What’s the best industry for LinkedIn?

Good question Marcus, LinkedIn is very effective in the B2B space regardless of the industry you are in unless your target market is extremely niched down to certain demographics that are not as active on the platform such as school principles or old manufacturing companies.

Okay so social selling seems to be the new buzzword at the moment, you always seem to talk about H2H marketing which makes sense but do you think that H2H marketing will be able to keep up with advances in technology with AI and Mar-Tech companies like Marketo etc?

Hey there love the show Alex. I’m using LinkedIn more and more within my role and pushing the team to use it within their daily Business Development activity, I’m just worried that we might not be using best practises when reaching out and connecting with our target market. Are there any etiquette rules we should be following or best practises we should know about?

The accounting industry over the past few years has been heavily disrupted by technology and the information age. Now that more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of social selling and with Microsoft purchasing LinkedIn recently what are some of your future predictions on LInkedIn?

Not exactly related to Linkedin but how do you get your videos looking professional. Is the camera floating on a drone or something? Love it!

Well done. My question is how do I leverage LinkedIn to get in front of my target audience who are interested in partnership for marketing research projects and stand out in an industry that is very competitive? Thank you and keep up the great work.
Ruth Zinsou

I’ve started using LinkedIn to reach out to potential leads and partners but I am struggling to get any cut through from my In Mail messages to people. I feel like there is too much of a stigma out there around non genuine connections who just want to sell straight off the bat. So when people who want to ‘build meaningful connections’ as you guys rightly put it, come along then they aren’t given a chance. I hope this makes sense and I hope you can help!

First of all, I’d like to congratulate you and the team Alex for putting together such a great show. My biggest problem at the moment is getting the marketing team to work with the sales team so that our communication and messaging when social selling is consistent in the market. Any advice around this would be much appreciated. Glenn

Thank you so much Glenn, we are definitely going to be covering an episode on this given this is a common challenge amongst many of the companies we speak with.

I came across an infographic the other day and one of the stats shared said that there are now over 1 billion searches on LinkedIn for names and companies? Can you verify whether this is true or not and if so how can I best position my profile to get as much attention as possible? Thank you Clinton

Great question Clinton, I would love to know who the infographic was published by. I will shoot you an email about it.

With the recent changes to LinkedIn’s user interface I noticed that as a free user I can no longer segment my contacts or used the advance search filter to search, find and connect with my target market. Is this feature still available and if not can I still leverage LinkedIn to generate new business on a free account? Cheers Michelle

I’m struggling to get any traction or engagement on the blogs I write through LinkedIn. Can you give me some insight as to why this is happening, what I should expect and how I could turn this around? I have just hit over 4600 followers. Thanks

You are not alone Adam, thanks for submitting this question. I’ll pass this on to the team, we cover some great articles on our blog around this topic so I’d definitely recommend checking those out.

Loving the show, awesome work. I currently run a sales team of 15 here in Los Angeles where we sell sponsorship packages to event planners/managers. Our telemarketing campaigns are not as effective as they used to be, I’d love to know how our team could use LinkedIn to open up conversations with our target demographic so we can ditch cold calling once and for all.

I recently started a business development role selling specialized software to accounting firms. I’m attending a lot of networking functions with no real success, I’d love to know if there was a way I could replace going to networking functions by leveraging LinkedIn to get in front of my target demographic. Would be great if you could do an episode on this.

Great question Cameron, something we get asked all the time. Bottom line, if the networking functions you are attending are not targeted then really they are a waste of time. I believe we are covering a blog post about this specific topic shortly so stay tuned.

The content, delivery, and presentation of this show are world class. Well done. My question is how do I leverage LinkedIn to get in front of my target audience and stand out in an industry that is very noisy and overcrowded? Thank you and keep up the great work.

Thanks so much for the kind words Bill, much appreciated. The key to really standing out is using the right tools to find your target market (Sales Navigator) and then engage with them through content.

This will help you build the context necessary to take the conversation offline and continue the relationship building process. I’ll pass on your question to the production team, in the meantime I’d recommend checking out our blog where you will find a ton of info on how you and your team can best leverage LinkedIn.

Over the past few months, I’ve read some articles that say your LinkedIn network should all be about quality and others that say you should connect with everyone, what are your thoughts around this? Thanks, Julie

Love this question, this is a debate that has been going on for years. We actually have this on our list of topics to cover and will be covering it in one of our upcoming episodes. Thank you and hope you’re enjoying the show.

We’re considering moving our sales team to sales navigator which is a premium LinkedIn feature. Is it worth it and what do we stand to gain if we decide to make the move? Just for a bit of context our company is a medium sized creative agency from Sydney with 12 sales staff. Appreciate your comments around this.

I run a cyber security software company targeting CIO’s our teams been thinking about running LinkedIn ads for a while. We are tossing up between that and building our brand through our individual sales staff. What do you recommend?

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