From doing garage sales at 10 years old to starting and growing an event, marketing and management business to a multimillion dollar company before he was 25 years old, Daniel Priestley has always been an entrepreneur.

But unlike many entrepreneurs, he takes a unique approach to what it takes to have a successful business.

Passion and commitment are key, but he believes that no amount of those 2 things can overcome a poorly designed business.

And after working with thousands of businesses, he knows exactly how to design a business that not only fits your personality and lifestyle but can also help you reach the goals and levels you aspire to.

Definitely a lot to learn from this episode of The Influencers Podcast with Daniel Priestley.

Show Highlights

  • Learn the 5 things all influencers have in common.
  • The common mistakes people make with pitching their businesses.
  • The 3 separate pitches that are important to business.
  • Why the most unique advantage in today’s market is actually caring about the results you get for your clients.


  • “Pitching is not therapy. Give a pitch that’s clear and credible. It’s not a guessing game. People should immediately get it.”
  • “Pitching is not about throwing yourself at someone.”
  • “There’s no such thing as an elevator pitch that gets someone to pull their cheque book out and write a $100,000 investment cheque.”
  • “A big part of it was understanding the limitations of what I could deliver to people and setting rules around how many clients I could take on.”
  • “As soon as you select your clients it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.”
  • “When you really care, you don’t put barriers between you and your clients.”

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