Going after one on one leads is a great way to generate new sales, and every business should do it.

But imagine making one connection and that connection opening up opportunities to hundreds if not thousands of potential clients.  

Wouldn’t that be nice? 

Well this is all possible if you develop quality and targeted partnerships with key businesses that your target market use before, during and after your service. 

For example if you’re business coach a good partner could be an accounting firm.

Most businesses if not all of them have an accountant, they should anyway. 

By establishing a relationship with one firm you open up the possibility of them referring clients to you, promoting you to their database or packaging in your service within their offerings.

If you’re yet to take advantage of this strategy, in Episode #31 of the Ask Linkfluencer Show, we share a step-by-step framework on how to find, connect and build relationships with them on LinkedIn.

This exact same process is what’s helped us educate over 20,000 businesses in over 55 industries and 35 countries in little over 6 years. .

Without having good strategic partners, all this wouldn’t have been possible.  

Now if you don’t have the time or the expertise to execute this strategy, then apply for our Free LinkedIn Strategy session.

The purpose of the session is to dive deep into your sales goals and challenges, as well as your target market to help you leverage LinkedIn successfully. 

From this we can identify whether there’s a good fit to run the campaign on your behalf.
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