Without good structure, even the best content will NOT get good reach and engagement.

As a result, it will not make the impact that you hope it would. With 610 million users on LinkedIn and only one million posts going up per day.

NOW is the time to be publishing content. And the best form of content to be posting is video. Given this is the main medium in which most people now consume content.

In Episode #30 of the Ask Linkfluencer Show, we cover the four-step process our founder (Alex Pirouz) follows to make each piece of content as compelling and targeted as possible.

It’s the same formula that’s helped him reach over 4 million views on his content.

Now if producing content is not your strong suit and you’d like to learn how to position that content in front of the right audience on LinkedIn.

Then apply for our free LinkedIn Strategy Session.

During the session, we’ll dive deep into your goals, challenges and target market to help you develop a structured process to leverage LinkedIn through content and one on one outreach.

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