When it comes to networking on LinkedIn, there’s a wrong and right way to do it.

There are a lot of people we’ve come across who have 3k, 5k and some even 10,000+ connections but they’ve never done any business through LinkedIn.


Because they play the numbers game. Adding anyone and everyone then pitching them their service in the hope that someone will buy.

Not only does this NOT work but it will damage your personal brand. Let’s face, it true relationships on LinkedIn are built on: 

1) Connecting with the right people

2) Taking those conversations offline into a phone call or face to face meeting 

And developing a connection to discover whether or not there’s a fit to work with one another.

If this is something you’re struggling with at the moment, in episode 33 of The Ask Linkfluencer Show we walk you through the process of how to find, connect and start conversations with your target market.

And dive deep into the importance of getting clear on your client avatar and how to niche down to a specific industry.

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LinkedIn is NOT about how big your network is. It’s about the relationship you build with your contacts.

Behind every connection is a human being.