Without a doubt 2019 was the breakout year for LinkedIn, but 2020 is the time to go ALL IN.


Well, with the recent introduction of live broadcasting in 2019, LinkedIn is transforming the way we build relationships in business. 

The ability to hold your own online broadcast, connect with your target market at scale, dive deep into the topics you’re passionate and build your thought leadership is a phenomenal opportunity. 

However like any new feature, it’s important to know how to best implement it to avoid common mistakes. 

As an influencer on the platform Alex was fortunate enough to gain early access to the feature. Since then he’s held quite a number of sessions and learnt a lot in the process.  

Given this is a relatively new feature for most, in episode 35 of The Ask Linkfluencer Show we walk you through a step-by-step process on how to best plan for your Linkedin live.

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