Evan is a serial entrepreneur who sold his software company by the age of 22.

Considered one of the Top 40 Social Marketing Talents by Forbes, Evan has been featured in countless publications across North America.

It all started with his passion to help entrepreneurs to overcome the hurdles in starting startups.

From doing newsletters and videos on beliefs to inspire entrepreneurs, his influence grew from there and was soon getting comments from his audience and requests to do media interviews and partnerships.

Currently he runs a website that helps entrepreneur and has set himself the audacious goal of helping 1 BILLION entrepreneurs (he’s already helped 20 million and is only just getting started).

In this podcast, we have a chat with Evan and find out how he built his influence online.

Show Highlights

  • The importance of figuring out you “want” when you start your business
  • Know your expertise and build your reputation for your expertise
  • Key factors to identify an influencer
  • Obstacles faced in building influence
  • The significance of valuing your audience’s time
  • Know what method/platform works best for you & your target market
  • Importance of not overtiring yourself & setting a pace which is manageable


  • “As I started to gain confidence in more self belief, my influence started to grow”
  • “It was me, the product, that made the single biggest difference”
  • “These limiting beliefs you have are just trapping your subconsciousness”
  • “The quantity (of your products) leads to the quality”
  • “Big decisions with the heart and the small decisions with the head
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Resources Mentioned

  • EvanCarmichael.com – Connect with Evan Carmichael and his popular website for entrepreneurs.
  • 3 Steps to Linkedin Mastery – Learn how to build your influence and download our free 3-step digital guide to leverage Linkedin to gain mass media, partnership opportunities and leads.

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