Jeff is a digital entrepreneur, marketing blogger, speaker and best-selling author on “8 Key Steps to Blogging Mastery”.

His website attracts more than 5 million unique visitors per year. His site was ranked in 2015 by Forbes as the No.1  blog for business.

Originally starting off from a passion project out of curiosity on the impact of social media in 2008, Jeff was inspired by Tim Ferriss’ book “ 4 hour work week” and a blog post by Hubspot on the relationship between business and blogging.

He was particularly intrigued by how social media has become a part of people’s daily lives. Jeff started his blog to share his observations on social media which leads to his career as a digital entrepreneur and influencer.

Show Highlights

  • Why social marketers get trapped in the “shiny new toy syndrome” & fail in converting traffic to sales
  • How online influence landed Jeff a paid speaking gig without any personal connections
  • The 3-step path to building influence
  • Challenges faced in building an online presence
  • The importance of social networks in providing validation


  • “You need to create valuable content that adds value to your readers and viewers”
  • “Build an audience before you need them”
  • “It’s not about building a business, It’s building a business designed for your life”
  • “Content should inform, educate, inspire and entertain, if you can do all 4 at the same time, you are a great creator”
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