Tony Hughes is an international keynote speaker with thirty years of sales leadership experience and holds personal and team sales records that have never been broken.

He is the #1 influencer for professional selling in Asia-Pacific and is also a best selling author of The Joshua Principle, Leadership secrets of selling.

Tony is a contributor for Top Sales Magazine and other publications and websites.  

If you’ve been struggling with sales then this podcast is perfect for you. 

Show Highlights

  • Why consistency is important to build a successful business
  • Why Linkedln is a great tool for sales
  • Steps to become an influencer
  • Why building an authentic brand is important
  • What to think about when writing content
  • Strategies for building a following on LinkedIn
  • Selling tips for online success


  • “If you want consistent results, you got to have consistent activity and you have to execute that activity no matter what ”
  • “There is no simple thing …trusted advisers is built over time.”
  • “Attach your brand with people who have a big following”.
  • “I just turned the damn TV off.. a lot of of is just a waste of time on TV”.
I just turned the damn TV off.. a lot of of is just a waste of time on TV. - @rsvpselling Click to Tweet

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