Dr John Demartini is recognised globally as a leading influencer on human behaviour.

He currently travels full time (360 days a year) and lives on a ship. His global career involves doing speaking engagements, training programs and media interviews all over the world.

Personally, I had the privilege to attend one of John’s program “The Breakthrough Experience” and have benefitted a lot from it where it has transformed my relationship with my family, relationship with myself in the core areas and shaped my life as an entrepreneur in a positive way.

In this episode, I spoke with Dr Demartini on how he built his global influence.

Show Highlights

  • How John Demartini started his global career from humble beginnings
  • How to network effectively when meeting with a potential client
  • The need to strike a balance between serving others and valuing yourself
  • The importance of doing what you love in your business
  • How to view challenge as a feedback mechanism to fulfil your mission
  • How gratitude towards the people around you is a form of influence
  • The importance of recognising your vision and how your vision can contribute to society


  • “A man with a mission has a message and a vision. If you let the vision and message rule your life, you don’t worry about what people think.”
  • “I made a commitment that I wouldn’t go to bed at night until meeting a certain number of people.”
  • “ It is about serving people, not about worrying whether they like you or not.”
  • “ Entrepreneurs have to find the balance between the altruist mission and narcissistic means, put those together and maximise both to the fullest.”
  • “You can’t be doing the highest priority things if you are trapped doing low priority stuff.”
  • “The key is to find what is true to you and get after it, and give yourself permission to not let anybody on the face of earth stop it.”
  • “If you don’t have an astronomical vision, don’t expect to have a global effect”
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Resources mentioned

  • DrDemartini.com – For more information on John’s books, articles and upcoming events.
  • Determine your values test – Take Dr Demartini’s free online values test to determine your highest values, and live your life according to them.
  • 3 Steps to Linkedin Mastery – Learn how to build your influence and download our free 3-step digital guide to leverage Linkedin to gain mass media, partnership opportunities and leads.

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