Sam Cawthorn is a leading international influential speaker. He has authored 6 books and is the founder of one of the world’s leading speaker training companies.

Previously working for the Australian Government, the turning point in Sam’s life came when he met with an accident.

Knowing that he was unable to go back to his previous job, Sam decided to share his experience of coping with his disability by speaking at schools to inspire students to rise up to their challenges through resilience.

It turned out to be a huge success.

Finding the potential of creating influence through storytelling,  Sam moved on to do speaking gigs full time for both schools and corporate companies internationally.

In this episode, Sam shares how you can spread your influence through public speaking.

Show Highlights

  • The importance of finding your purpose in your job
  • Why should you question the “why” in your job
  • The importance of the occurrence of wake up calls in your life
  • How influence is linked to creating what the market wants
  • The 6 stages to create your influence with public speaking
  • The importance of finding the right people to work with


  • “There is always going to be money in your passion”
  • “If you are not fulfilling your job, then you shouldn’t be there”
  • “Crisis create opportunities”
  • “Influence comes when you crack the code of what your market wants”
  • “I work via a philosophy that I am content but not satisfied”
  • “It is your decision not your condition that determines what you are”
It is your decision not your condition that determines what you are. Click to Tweet

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