Robert Coorey, MBA, is a #1 Best-Selling author and Reality TV Pilot host.

The Huffington Post called Rob “one of the most influential online marketers across the globe“.

Rob was recently listed by Startup Australia as one of Australia’s Top 50 Entrepreneurs.

He’s built a super-responsive global online community of serious business owners, almost broke the world record for most number of people in a webinar, filled up dozens of live events, been featured extensively in the media, launched three best-selling books and signed a Reality TV show deal in Hollywood.

In this podcast, we have a chat with Rob and find out how he built his influence through publishing.

Show Highlights

  • The difference between being an educator and a practitioner-educator, and which Robert recommends.
  • The key strategy that Robert used to write “Feeding a starving crowd” and make it a #1 Amazon bestseller.
  • The power of having unsolicited referrals
  • Where you should start to build influence
  • How to deal with haters
  • The importance of making what you create world-class


  • “You really need to have a really strong foundation and be truly excellent at one thing.”
  • “I put those foundations in place and actually got results for what I’m known for.”
  • “I continue to practise even today.”
  • Whatever category that you’re in, before you write the book the trick is to go onto Amazon and find out what people are starving for.
  • “If you’re running a business that isn’t blogging then it’d be absolutely ludicrous to spend half your business career blogging.”
  • “If you’re going to be consistent at something you’re going to need to do something that you actually enjoy.”
  • “The first time you get slammed on social media it’s a horrible feeling.”
If you’re going to be consistent at something you’re going to need to do something that you enjoy. Click to Tweet

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