Nathan Chan is the publisher of Foundr Magazine, a digital magazine for young, aspiring and novice stage entrepreneurs.

While still in his mid-twenties, Nathan felt there were no business magazines that he could relate to.

He wanted to read something that delved deep into the world of a successful entrepreneur, showing their processes, failures, obstacles and challenges.

And that’s what he set out to do, interviewing the entrepreneurs that have changed the world.

He has had the pleasure of interviewing rock star business leaders like Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, and Brene Brown to find out what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

Since its inception, Foundr has quickly become a top ranked 10 ‘Business & Investing’ Magazine in the AppStore and is currently supporting hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs across multiple platforms and resources.

In this podcast, we have a chat with Nathan and find out how he built his influence through publishing.

Show Highlights

  • How and why Nathan started a print magazine business with $3,000 on a credit card in 2013.
  • How Foundr Magazine leveraged crowdfunding to produce a business coffee table book and raised $200,000 in the process
  • How to build a successful global brand and business
  • Why Nathan gave away his best issue of Foundr Magazine for free
  • How Instagram was a game changer for Nathan’s business
  • Why it’s important to make your business a “shipping engine”
  • How Foundr Magazine approaches brand building


  • “The more you ship the more it spreads the word for your brand.”
  • “Having a magazine is an incredible way to build influence.”
  • “Someone like Richard Branson would be open to giving me his time if we had a magazine, which was much more powerful than I guess a book or podcast, which we have all those things too.”
  • “I’m not the man. I don’t care about notoriety. I don’t care about glamour and fuelling my ego.”
  • “People have a very big BS radar these days.”
  • “The only way that you can start to get cut through is by building ridiculous amounts of trust going above beyond what people expect, and giving people an amazing experience.”
  • “With any great brand you need to have ambassadors for that brand.”
  • “Always lead with serving first and asking later.”
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