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The State Of Content On LinkedIn

Over the past 12 months LinkedIn have made huge changes to the way they distribute content and what type of content they give more air play to. As

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Ask Linkfluencer Show #19 – Status Updates Vs Blog Articles On LinkedIn

About 18 months ago, writing articles on LinkedIn was all the rage. When you wrote an article your whole network got a little notification of this and that


3 Key Ways To Engage With New Connections On LinkedIn

How many times has this happened to you… You get a connection invitation come through from someone in your target market on LinkedIn or perhaps a potential prospect

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Ask Linkfluencer Show #18 – Winning More Clients & Building Influence On LinkedIn

Winning more clients and building influence on LinkedIn go hand in hand. It takes patience, consistency and a system to follow. The good thing is, that’s exactly what


The Science To Getting Hundreds Of Likes & Comments On Your LinkedIn Posts

I have a friend who’s a big influencer on Instagram. He’s got thousands of followers and gets a tonne of traction on his posts. We often catch up


Ask Linkfluencer Show #17 – How To Deal With Haters On LinkedIn

Just imagine… You’ve just poured your heart and soul into a post on LinkedIn. You are reading through a bunch of positive and uplifting comments from your network.


Ask Linkfluencer Show #16 – Top 3 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid On LinkedIn

At speaking engagements, media interviews and during podcasts I often get asked… “What are the biggest mistakes you need to avoid on LinkedIn.” So in the latest episode


The LinkedIn Status Update Algorithm Hack That Generated Over 6.5 Million Views For FREE

LinkedIn is constantly evolving. A few years ago LinkedIn Articles were all the rage, when you wrote them, your whole network got a notification. Now that there’s good


How To Grow Your Influence By Connecting With Journalists & Editors Through LinkedIn

It was 2010 and I just finished reading an article by Tom Peter called ‘The Brand You’. At the time I had started a new business in the

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What We Did To Grow Our Followers From 0 To 17,000+ In Four Years

It was 2010 and I nearly gave up on LinkedIn. I wasn’t sure how it worked, who I should connect with and how I should connect. In fairness

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