About 18 months ago, writing articles on LinkedIn was all the rage.

When you wrote an article your whole network got a little notification of this and that would drive traffic and exposure to your content.

A lot of people did extremely well out of leveraging them. But times have changed, no longer do you get this sort of airplay from LinkedIn articles.

What does instead? Status updates.

So in our latest episode of The Ask Linkfluencer Show we are sharing with you why you need to focus your content generating energy on status updates. As well as:

  • How to write them so they get maximum engagement
  • Build your thought leadership through your posts, and of course
  • Generate leads through promotional updates

So if you’re seeing crickets on your posts, don’t miss this show. Alternatively if you need a hand with your LinkedIn content and just want everything looked after for you check out our campaign management service. To find out more check out this link.