Trending LinkedIn Hashtags Of 2021 To Get You More Targeted Eyeballs

October 22, 2021

With the completion of 2021 fast approaching, there’s one topic we haven’t yet covered. With 2 months left in the year, now is the best time to ride the wave home. That wave, of course, is the Trending LinkedIn Hashtags of 2021. 👊

First, before we get into it, just a bit of housekeeping, for those of you who don’t know what a Hashtag is, it’s basically a topic you can add to your post on LinkedIn. You do so by adding a word with a hashtag in front of it, which then makes sure that the post appears in the LinkedIn news feed that other users on the platform may follow. Here’s an example 👇

Think about them as a way to aggregate certain topics. For example, if we were putting this blog as a post on LinkedIn, we might put #linkedinmarketing at the end of the post. This is to tell LinkedIn that this blog should appear in the topic of “LinkedIn Marketing” so people following that topic may see it.

Hashtags have been around for many years, first originating from Twitter, before that internet relay chats such as mIRC. But why are they important?

Well, many people follow these hashtags and even use them for their regular news. We did a LinkedIn update on this, which you can view here.

As you can see, the research discovered that 60% of LinkedIn users are looking for Industry insights and 80% of users on the platform are business decision-makers. 😎 More and more people are using hashtags as LinkedIn is really starting to push their users to follow them. So by leveraging the power of hashtags in your post, you can get way more targeted eyeballs from potential prospects.

The key is to pick the ones that are most relevant and also have the most followers. So, here goes, this is the list of the highest trending Hashtags on LinkedIn:

#India — 67,000,000 Followers

#Innovation — 38,891,000 Followers

#HumanResources — 33,000,000 Followers

#Management — 36,122,000 Followers

#DigitalMarketing — 27,500,000 Followers

#Technology — 26,500,000 Followers

#Future — 24,000,000 Followers

#Futurism — 23,500,000 Followers

#Entrepreneurship — 22,800,000 Followers

#Careers — 22,500,000 Followers

#Marketing — 20,300,000 Followers

#Socialmedia — 19,750,000 Followers

#VentureCapital — 19,350,000 Followers

#Branding — 18,100,000 Followers

#Personaldevelopment — 14,780,000 Followers

#Money — 14,200,000 Followers

#Sustainability — 13,300,000 Followers

#PersonalBranding — 10,500,000 Followers

#WhatInspiresMe — 8,000,000 Followers

#BestAdvice — 7,700,000 Followers

#Travel — 7,000,000 Followers

#Programming — 6,650,000 Followers

#Analytics — 6,500,000 Followers

#Design — 5,875,000 Followers

#Sales — 5,865,000 Followers

#Fundraising — 5,775,000 Followers

#Law — 5,500,000 Followers

#Ecommerce — 5,360,000 Followers

#GraphicDesign — 4,990,000 Followers

#Culture — 4,700,000 Followers

#Fashion — 4,200,000 Followers

#PublicRelations — 3,750,000 Followers

#Business — 3,650,000 Followers

#Networking — 3,550,000 Followers

#Leadership — 3,080,000 Followers

#EmotionalIntelligence — 2,980,000 Followers

#Jobs — 2,760,000 Followers

#ArtificialIntelligence — 2,410,000 Followers

#Hiring — 2,400,000 Followers

#Health — 2,270,000 Followers

#Happiness — 2,190,000 Followers

#Engineering — 1,890,000 Followers

#MentalHealth — 1,790,000 Followers

#JobSearch — 1,750,000 Followers

#JobSeekers — 1,740,000 Followers

#Mindfulness — 1,730,000 Followers

#PositivePsychology — 1,600,000 Followers

#LinkedIn — 1,250,000 Followers

#Job — 1,000,000 Followers

#Startup — 990,000 Followers

Now, some of these are pretty general, so it’s a good idea to post a blend of general (for exposure) and some that are more relevant and targeted to your audience. We recommend 3 – 5 per post and to have them weaved into the copy of your post or at the end. There’s no right or wrong way to include hashtags into your posts, the only thing you should stay away from is including too many of them as it may come across as spammy.

Anyway, that’s trending hashtags. Now the real question is, how do you take advantage of this additional exposure and convert those eyeballs into warm qualified leads? 😀

Well, stay tuned because after helping generate over $225,000,000 for our clients since 2013, for the first time ever, we’re sharing the exact same strategies and tactics through a new program we’re launching soon called ‘The Elite’ program. This program is designed for anyone who is looking to scale rapidly online, ready to take massive action, and wants to reach the upper echelon of LinkedIn. More on that shortly! 👌

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