Getting reach from your LinkedIn status updates is no easy feat. It’s actually a common challenge many of the people we speak with face.

Most say they’ve been posting for months, with little to no engagement. At which point they question whether it’s all really worth it.

Well it is worth it and there is a formula to getting likes and comments on your posts on LinkedIn.

In episode 20 of The Ask Linkfluencer Show we lift the lid on how to develop engaging LinkedIn status updates:

In this we share:

  • LinkedIn’s algorithm and how to pass it for your post to get maximum engagement
  • Why you need to build a relevant audience to begin seeing more traction
  • And finally the types of posts that see the most likes, comments and shares

If you want to start seeing hundreds of likes and comments on your status updates, watch the show above and start implementing on the content learnt.Are you looking for a structured and PROVEN process to growing your business and influence through LinkedIn?

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