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Mark Middo
Mark Middo
Author of the Best Seller 5 Minute Business

I used this blueprint to get featured in the largest online media publications around the world, which resulted in over 42,000 downloads of my book on Amazon and launching me into the bestsellers list.

martin martinez
Martin Martinez
Entrepreneur Card

By using this blueprint, I managed to get featured in 10 media publications in less than 30 days, which helped me secure hundreds of people to our launch night.

clare mann
Claire Mann
Communicate 31

Within the first hour of using this strategy, I received a request to be interviewed for a TV show that was aired on a major television station.


For far too long the traditional methods of getting media coverage has either been too expensive, difficult or just too time consuming.

Hiring a traditional PR agency can cost you thousands, press releases are somewhat out-dated and cold calling journalists is no longer effective.

But thanks to LinkedIn you can now start connecting and building relationshipswith hundreds of journalists and editors from around the world.

According to a survey by Arketi media group, over 94.2 percent of journalists and editors are on LinkedIn.
But how do you find, connect and build a relationship with them? Easy, follow our ‘Influencer Blueprint’.


  • Being contacted every day, week or month by journalists and editors from around the world asking you to comment or be interviewed for their upcoming story.
  • Writing for some of the best publications from around the world including Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc or HubSpot – getting your message in front of a global audience.
  • Clients searching your name on Google and all they see is page after page full of links with stories about you and your company. How do you think this will improve your credibility and influence in your marketplace?

Now imagine doing all this without spending a cent on PR, never sending out a SINGLE press release or cold calling. This is exactly what you will learn in ‘The Influencer Blueprint”. But it’s not for everyone!



no cold calling


not spending



Industry Authority
industry author

You are sick and tired of losing business to your competition and want to position yourself as the authority in your industry so business chases you rather than you chasing business. You want to use the media to broadcast your message and get it in front of thousands of key decision makers.


You don’t have a big budget to spend on PR and think cold calling is out-dated or ineffective. You want to learn how to get free media exposure yourself, or at least know how to do it so you can then hand it over to someone on your team to implement.

Action Taker
action taker

You understand the power of media exposure and what it can do for your personal brand, credibility and influence within your industry. You are someone who takes massive action and is serious about gaining media exposure to grow your business.


You have some experience in dealing with the media, but you know there is a bigger opportunity waiting for you once you fully understand how to leverage the LinkedIn platform. You have no time to learn it yourself and want to follow a step-by-step guide to accelerate your success.

blueprints available


The influencer blueprint is a step by step guide you can use to find journalists and influencers who write for some of the biggest publications in the world and connect with them on LinkedIn.

Here’s what you will discover within the Blueprint:

  • Identify the biggest media publications in the world that have thousands of your target market waiting to read about you.
  • Source the right journalists who are hungry for news articles and looking for experts just like you.
  • Use LinkedIn to find these journalists and the 3 rules you must apply to identify whether they are an influential contact.
  • Discover the only option to choose when inviting them to connect – get this wrong and you may get banned from LinkedIn.
  • Scale the process so you are getting hundreds of super high quality connections with journalists on a weekly basis.
  • How to structure your communications with the journalists to ensure maximum cut through from your messages.
  • Use our done for you proven and tested scripts to convert more than 50% of connection requests into hot media contacts.
  • Copy and paste our 4-step email sequence and convert your connections into long term relationships to become a ‘go to’ source.
This entire method is so simple it can be 100% outsourced.
Find journalists, connect with them and convert into media opportunities.

Become an influencer


(To avoid market saturation limited blueprints available, avoid disappointment. One time investment of $297)


Mark Middo

Mark Middo

(Author of 5 Minute Business)

Marketing a new book is tough and most Author’s barely break-even, even if they are lucky. I knew that in order for me to be successful I would need to tap into major media outlets to get the traffic and exposure necessary to get cut through for my new book.

However, due to running another company I was extremely time poor, so I needed a hack, a step by step framework I could just copy paste to get the results needed.

After searching around for the best way to get media exposure fast, I was introduced by a friend to ‘The Influencer Blueprint’.

A few weeks into implementing the system the results came and they came fast. I couldn’t believe how easy it was!

I was able to secure major media exposure in some of the largest media publications in Australia including: The Sydney Morning Herald, Cosmopolitan and The Herald Sun.

This resulted in over 42,000 downloads of my book on Amazon and launched me into the bestsellers list for weeks.

From these sales I was then approached to do speaking engagements globally and grew a secondary business in no time due to the volume of enquiries I received for my consulting services.

mark martinez

Martin Martinez

(Entrepreneur Card)

At the time I was introduced to ‘The Influencer Blueprint’ I was in the middle of launching my latest business ‘Entrepreneur Card’ and on the lookout for an innovative way to build relationships with influencers and those in the media.

Our launch night was only a few weeks away so I had to quickly find a way to broadcast our message in front of a large audience to build our brand, get noticed and sell tickets to the launch.

Using ‘The Influencer Blueprint’ I managed to increase my network of influencers and journalists from 93 to over 700 in less than 30 days. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to find and then connect with them through LinkedIn.

In the pursuing weeks I used the ‘relationship building scripts’ provided in the blueprint to build a relationship with them. This resulted in us getting featured in over 10 media publications and partnering with over 30 leading brands.

We leveraged this exposure to drive sales to our upcoming launch, resulting in over 150 attendees without spending a cent on advertising or marketing.

The influencer blueprint is better than any other marketing strategy I’ve tried in the past, and that’s coming from someone who’s been in and around business for over 15 years.



Businesses that stick with the traditional marketing techniques are fast being left behind.

You see it in the business pages where once-mighty companies are struggling to maintain market share and suffering falling profits. And you see it among smaller businesses too, that find agile and more responsive competitors stealing their traditional territory.

Can you risk this happening to you?

And while you could spend years trying to figure out this blueprint yourself, trial and error is a very slow, expensive and painful path.

Make it easy on yourself and invest in ‘The Influencer Blueprint’ today before you competition beats you to it.

The Influencer Blueprint is the most advanced strategy online for fast business growth. You will learn step-by-step how to find, connect and build relationships with hundreds of journalists and editors around the world.

But again it’s not for everyone and it may not be for you. Only invest in the blueprint if you’re:

  • Someone who is going to take action and implement the strategy
  • Sick and tired of losing business to your competition
  • Want to position yourself as the authority in your industry

And looking to broadcast your message in front of a global audience so that business chases you rather than you chasing business!

Become an influencer


(To avoid market saturation limited blueprints available, avoid disappointment. One time investment of $297)

Message from the Founder

Passionate about small business, back in 2011 I sold my door-to-door sales company in Wollongong and moved back to Sydney to start my own Business advisory firm.

What happened next totally shocked me. Only a few weeks into the business I started to notice something interesting and frankly a little disturbing.

It seemed as though everyone I spoke to was a business coach and majority of them (95%) didn’t have any experience. Still trying to figure that out!

Realising that the market was saturated I decided I had to do something different if I was to cut through the noise and stand out from the pack.

Being one of the few in the industry who had experience in both succeeding and failing in business I made a decision to build a brand around this in the media.

I reached out to a PR company to help me get my message out. This particular PR company wanted to charge me $5k-$7k for work, which they could not promise. No thanks!

Driving home that night feeling frustrated and disheartened I got an email from a friend of mine which said: 94.2% of Journalists are on LinkedIn. It was music to my ears and perfect timing.

With a spring in my step and a smile on my face I went home that night and started connecting with a few journalists here and there.

Within 30 days I had managed to build a network of over 330 journalists in over 23 publications around the world. I couldn’t believe just how easy it was to find and then connect with them on LinkedIn.

Over the next couple of weeks I built relationships with these contacts using the exact same script we now provide in our ‘Influencer Blueprint’.

Within 60 days I was featured in over 50 media publications, landed 6 speaking engagements and I now write for Huffington Post, Entrepreneur and HubSpot giving me reach of over 300K people every month.

Through trial, error, success and most importantly implementation I’ve spent the past 3 years continuously perfecting this process; all you need to do is follow it step by step.

I look forward to featuring your story as one of the case studies on this page. The world is your oyster, it’s time to go and get it!

Alex Pirouz,
Founder, Linkfluencer 

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Alex Pirouz,

Founder, Linkfluencer

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Become an influencer


(To avoid market saturation limited blueprints available, avoid disappointment. One time investment of $297)