Licensing Terms

  1. Overview

1.1. These terms represent the conditions between the Provider (linkfluencer Pty Ltd) and the Client (You) together referred to as (Parties) for the provisioning of The Turnkey LinkedIn System.

1.2. The Turnkey LinkedIn System is a end to end solution you can use to start a side hustle or grow your existing business by offering a highly profitable and scalable service for clients who are looking to generate more sales on LinkedIn.

1.3. These terms outline the parameters of all Services covered as they are mutually understood by the Parties.

1.4. In addition to providing clarity on the content and scope of each Party's obligations, these terms aim to: Protect both parties to ensure a successful working relationship. For questions around the terms of service, the Provider can be contacted on 02 6064 2680 or via this email [email protected]

  2. Service Scope

(a) The following Services are covered by these terms;

The Turnkey LinkedIn System which can be all or some of the following benefits depending on the deal you purchased. These include full licensing rights, high converting funnel, asset library, training centre, support, masterclass sessions, certification, price security, zero commissions and access to the inner circle.

(b) Client responsibilities and/or requirements in support of these terms include:

To execute on the content and system provided in the Services, seek assistance from the Provider for clarity around the Services & pay any outstanding invoices within 7 days of receipt (if applicable).

(c) Assumptions related to in-scope services and/or components include:

In the event of any significant changes to the Services supported, the Provider will inform the client of the changes and endeavour to update the Services within a reasonable timeframe.

  3. Confidentiality

3.1. Confidential Information

Confidential Information includes, but is not limited to, any information that is:

(a) within the Turnkey LinkedIn System online portal; or

(b) is shared with the Client during the Services, which relates to processes, and techniques used by the Provider in the course of the LinkedIn campaigns, including but not limited to all information, data, specifications, documentation, source code, designs, features and performance notes, concepts not reduced to material form, agreements with third parties, technical data and marketing information such as customer lists, financial information and business plans,

but does not include information which:

(c) is generally available in the public domain otherwise than as a result of a breach of these terms by you;

(d) you are required by law to disclose.

  3.2. Confidentiality & Intellectual Property Obligations

(a) Unless you have previous written consent from the Provider, you must:

(i) only use the Confidential Information & Intellectual Property for the purpose of selling and delivering LinkedIn campaigns within your business only.

(ii) not use or attempt to use any Confidential Information or Intellectual Property in any manner which may prejudice the confidentiality of the information or may cause loss to the Provider.

(b) You must at all times store all Confidential Information safely and securely. Access can only be shared with other employees of the Client’s company, not other business entities.

(c) You must immediately notify the Provider in writing of any actual, threatened or suspected unauthorised disclosure of any Confidential Information.

(d) Your obligations with regard to the Confidential Information will continue for so long as this information is maintained on a confidential basis.

  4. General

(a) These terms are valid from the date that you signed up for the program and are valid until further notice. These terms should be reviewed at a minimum in 12 months; however, in lieu of a review during any period specified, the current terms will renew for another 12 months until terminated.

(b) The provider has a guarantee in place that if the Client does not generate sales greater than or equalling to 10 times the amount paid for the Services after implementing all the steps within the ‘Launch And Growth Plan’, The Provider offers to work with the Client for free until they do or refund the amount paid for the system. For this guarantee to be executed and deemed valid, documented evidence must be shown by the Client that they have executed the entire plan within the first 12 months of having access to the system. If the Client fails to provide this information or has failed to stick to the system, this guarantee is null and void.

(c) The Client indemnifies the Provider against any actions, suits, claims, demands, proceedings, losses, damages, compensation, sums of money, costs (including solicitor and client costs), charges and expenses arising out of the promotion, sale, supply or other use of the Services by the Client, its employees or agents. The defence of any litigation to which this clause applies is to be under the control of the Client, its solicitors and counsel, and all legal costs and expenses of any such litigation is borne by the Client.

(d) The Client agrees that if an amount due is not paid within 30 days, access to the Service will be suspended until the outstanding amount is no longer overdue, and late payment fees will be incurred. If the overdue payment is not paid within 60 days the Provider can terminate the Service and total amounts owing by the Client will need to be paid within 14 days. Previous sums are forfeited to the Provider.

(e) The Client can terminate the Service at any time via written notice. Any amounts owing need to be paid within 14 days, and previously paid sums are forfeited to the Provider.

(f) The Client agrees that any amounts paid and owing for the Service are non-refundable.

(g) The Client allows linkfluencer Pty Ltd to deduct full, or payment plan amounts from the nominated debit or credit card.

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