Working with Linkfluencer has so far been an unbelievable experience for me. I finally have clarity, a structure and a process to follow that generates me quality leads consistently and as a result I have landed my first big client by following the formula.



Within the first 12 weeks of working with Linkfluencer's my company launched it's first LinkedIn campaign. From that initial push we have generated in excess of $810,000, which looks like being much more in revenue as we finalise the agreements.


$810K In Revenue

Generating quality leads consistently has been a big challenge for our business over the past two years. I'm pleased to say that within the first 4 months of working with Linkfluencer we've now generated $32K in additional revenue and built an ongoing supply of leads.


$32K In Additional Revenue


Are you struggling to generate leads consistently? Do you find it difficult to cut through the noise or get your message in front of decision makers?

Discover the LinkedIn Course companies are using to find their potential clients, engage, connect and turn those connections into meaningful relationships and business opportunities. Join thousands of people who have transformed the way they social sell on LinkedIn.

3 steps to LinkedIn Mastery

Get clear on your outcome and sales objectives, build your sales funnel of targeted connections and turn those connections in to business opportunities.

Plan your campaign

For any sales campaign to be successful you first need a plan and LinkedIn is no different. In business if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. This is why we’ve made this the first step in really mastering LinkedIn.

Here's what you will learn




Step by step guides


Tip Sheets
  • An in depth understanding and tour of the various features on LinkedIn
  • How to systemize your privacy and account settings
  • Learn about the power of Sales Navigator and why its by far the most powerful B2B lead generation tool
  • How to set your sales objectives and get clear on your outcome for leveraging LinkedIn
  • Design your ideal client avatar (target market)
  • Step by step process on how to create a compelling LinkedIn profile that resonates with that audience

Build your network

With a plan in place, clear understanding of who you need to connect with and a compelling profile, now its a matter of building a network of targeted contacts which you can then turn into meaningful relationships and business opportunities through engaging and adding value.

Here's what you will learn




Step by step guides


Tip Sheets
  • Organize your contacts and create your very own CRM system
  • Create lead folders based on your ideal client profile
  • How to use lead builder to find, connect and convert prospects into sales opportunities
  • Advanced engagement strategies to convert more opportunities
  • Best practices when inviting and connecting with your prospects
  • How to write, publish and promote articles on LinkedIn

Implement a Sales Campaign

Now that you have built your network of targeted contacts, it’s time to create, implement and systemize your very own sales campaign in order to turn your new found contacts into leads and sales opportunities for your business.

Here's what you will learn




Step by step guides


Tip Sheets
  • How to turn your connections into leads using our unique 3 step content marketing process
  • A step by step guide you can use to outsource your entire campaign
  • How to leverage LinkedIn’s powerful email functionality to start conversations with your potential clients
  • Guide on how to track and measure the success of each campaign

Why this program is different

Most LinkedIn courses simply focus on optimizing your profile or how to increase your connections. This course is going to do that as well, but it’s also going to give you something a lot of other courses leave out.

A step-by-step system you can follow with ease and simplicity. Having a system to follow is crucial to your success; no other online program on the market even comes close.

In the 3 steps to LinkedIn mastery course you will learn how to create a plan, build a network of targeted contacts and then convert those into leads and sales for your business.

Our program is not a fly by night strategy based around spammy techniques, rather a proven system in order to engage with your target market and nurture them into your sales process. This is critical for your long term success.

Over the past few years we’ve had thousands of students from all walks of life enrol into the course and master the art of social selling.

Finalists in the 2016 Australian Cool Company Awards

Recognised by Inc magazine as the world's leading online community for LinkedIn training

Voted 2015 Readers Choice Most Innovative Company In Australia

Featured in multiple books including "Getting Your Business LinkedIn" and "The Big Book Of Social Media"

The Richard Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship uses our programs methodology

Program investment is only $597


(Our program isn’t for everyone, so this is strictly via application only)

Join a world class community

Robert Coorey

Best Selling Author

Sam Cawthorn

Master Professional Speaker

Melissa Lewis

Australia's No 1 Image Stylist

Eric Holtzclaw

Contributor at Inc Magazine

Tony Hughes

Rated Top 100 Social Sellers Worldwide

Martin Martinez

Founder of Australian Poker League

Jeff Bullas

Top 50 Social Media Influencers

James Tuckerman

Chief Editor of Anthill Magazine


Director - Gloria Jeans Coffee

Watch this video now to hear what members are saying about this ‘Course’ and how it’s transformed the way they generate leads!

This program is for you if...


You have recently launched your own business or you’ve been operating for a while, and looking for exposure, leads and sales. You want to learn about LinkedIn so you can do it yourself, or at least know how to do it so you can then hand it over to someone on your team to implement.

Sales Person

You work for a business and are responsible for or involved in the overall sales and marketing team. You want to know what to do and how to do it so you can increase your company’s bottom line and show upper management that LinkedIn is a great lead generation platform.

Business Owner

You own a business, you have some LinkedIn knowledge, but you know there is a bigger opportunity waiting for you once you fully understand how to leverage the platform. You might not do it yourself, but you know you need to understand it first before you hand it over to someone else to manage.

Getting Started

You know LinkedIn is important, but you have no clue where to start and what to do. The course works for beginners and also works for those who have been using LinkedIn for a while. Our step-by-step videos and guides make it easy for anyone to succeed.

Program investment is only $597


(Our program isn’t for everyone, so this is strictly via application only)

When I first introduced to Linkfluencer I was on the look out for a system that could help us get our message in front of key decision makers, generate quality leads and build influence within our industry. In less then 2 days we managed to generate over 200 leads.


Generated 200 Leads

Within a few months of working with Linkfluencer, I have now grown my start up business by over 400% and have an steady flow of leads I can re-market too. I highly recommend enrolling into this course, it will transform how you market your business.


Over 400% Growth

I started working with Linkfluencer as I wanted to learn their process as I was instantly impressed when I came in contact with their company. We implemented just one of their strategies and generated over 300 leads and $27,500 in the first 30 days.


$27,500 IN 30 DAYS

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to implement this product and see results?

Results vary, but it is common for us to hear that students who go through this course see results in a matter of days. One of our members Peter Kinnaird generated $810K in additional sales on his first two campaigns. Another member (Leon Rogers) is now generating $30K a week for his company simply by using the 3 step methodology taught in this course. Using this system you can generate business much faster than any other strategy out there, but like any strategy effort is required to generate results.

What if I don't have much time?

Look at all the prospecting efforts you’re putting in now and calculate the time you spend trying to get in front of one key decision maker using those methods. Then compare that to a platform that has over 460 Million members with 49% being key decision makers enabling you to find, engage, connect and build relationships with not one key decision maker but hundreds per month by spending no more than 30 minutes a day.

How is the course delivered and how long will I have access?

The course is delivered through a series of online videos and self-paced, meaning you’re able to watch any number of videos at any given time. Your enrolment gives you access to the online course for a period of 12 months from the date your login details are sent to you, within this period you can go through the course as many times as you like.

How often is the course updated?

Every 12 months we re-shoot the content of our course to include the latest changes and updates on LinkedIn along with new strategies we have successfully used and executed! There’s nothing worse than buying into a course that is 4 years outdated, we take pride in delivering you the best and latest LinkedIn education in the world.

Program investment is only $597


(Our program isn’t for everyone, so this is strictly via application only)