Within the first 12 months of working with Linkfluencer we have generated an extra $810,000 in revenue in our first campaign.

Peter Kinnaird
Commercial Safety Assurance

Within a few months of working with Linkfluencer we've generated over $32K in additional revenue and built an ongoing supply of leads for our business.

Edgard Neeves
Bondi Films

By working with Linkfluencer I’ve managed to set up partnerships with over 30 leading brands and get featured in over 10 media publications.

Martin Martinez
Entrepreneur Card


  • Struggling to generate leads on a consistent basis?
  • Wasting time with prospects that never get back to you or ignore your emails because you just don’t have enough credibility and authority in your industry?
  • Feeling alone in your journey, not around like-minded people who are taking action, making it difficult to get on-demand feedback from other Entrepreneurs to help you make the right decisions moving forward?
  • Struggling to scale online, you’ve got a great business offline, but the online world feels overwhelming and you just don’t know who to trust to guide you in the right direction?

If this is you, we can help…

Message From the Founder

When I started off in business I had many failed attempts and lost close to 7 figures in my first 4 ventures. I know – most would have given up, right?

But I was determined to succeed… at a dark period during my business journey I was lucky enough to be introduced to a business mentor who had successfully scaled a multi-million dollar company. I knew I had to change my ways, so even though I was in trouble financially, I made the investment to have him coach me with my next venture. After this, my life changed. I grew my next 2 businesses and exited them in a few years, dwarfing my previous losses from the first 4 startups.

What was the game changer? I was held accountable, I was given a system that worked and I was around the right people feeding from their successes. However, what I learnt during my second successful company was that the business landscape had changed. I had a business advisory firm and I was in a ridiculously crowded marketplace…

I knew I had to build my influence, create joint venture partnerships, generate leads and leverage online. So I spent the next 12 months spending a lot of time and money studying all the social media tools, until I finally decided that LinkedIn was my key to success.

Through LinkedIn I developed a system that successfully helped me scale that business where we trained thousands of business owners worldwide. And this is why I started the company Linkfluencer… to share that powerful LinkedIn strategy. We have now been recognised by Inc Magazine as the world’s largest online training company for LinkedIn and the most powerful B2B lead generation strategy available online by Huffington Post.

One of the key reasons we scaled Linkfluencer so fast was due to my partnering with Mark Middo in the company. Mark is simply one of the best digital marketers in the world – hands down. He has started, grown and exited a range of highly successful online businesses, had a #1 International Best Selling book and has been the go-to digital guy for some of the largest companies in the world including Formula 1, Renault & Etihad Stadium making hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients.

Together, we decided to launch a Mastermind Group so you can achieve the same results we’ve had, following our EXACT same blueprint, to help you build your influence in your market, generate lucrative joint venture partnerships, absolutely nail the online component of your business and generate thousands of leads for your business week in, week out, like clockwork.

We’re excited to discuss with you the possibility of joining our high performance community and look forward to connecting with you in the future.

Alex Pirouz Founder, Linkfluencer

Alex Pirouz
Alex Pirouz
  • 5 minute business
  • The Huffington PostRecognised by Huffington Post as the most powerful B2B lead generation strategy available online
  • INCRecognised by INC Magazine as the world’s largest online training company for LinkedIn


Scholarships are strictly limited, so apply now to see if you qualify.

Goals and milestones achieved

June 2013

Alex started Linkfluencer with the mission to change and transform social selling on LinkedIn

December 2013

Linkfluencer was featured in 10 Media publications including Forbes, Inc, Huffington Post & Entrepreneur

December 2013


Database grown to 3,000
March 2014

TV Interview on Sky News with Peter Switzer Australia's only dedicated business news channel

May 2014

Methodologies adopted by the Richard Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship

May 2014

Featured in Super Fast Business Podcast with James Schramko a world leading business podcast

June 2014

Members of our Award Winning Online Program reached 150

June 2014


Database grown to 6,000
October 2014

LinkedIn Headquarters

December 2014

Webinar Funnel Developed which created 6000 leads & $60,000 in revenue in 2 weeks

December 2014

Members of our Online Program reached 300

December 2014


Database grown to 9,000
February 2015

Became a columnist for Huffington Post the 4th largest news website in the world

February 2015

Became a columnist for Entrepreneur.com one of the largest business news websites in the world

February 2015

Biggest webinar month with over 3000 attendees & $50,000 in revenue generated

April 2015

Awarded Anthill Magazine's Most Innovative Company

June 2015


Database grown to 12,000
June 2015

Members of our Online Program reached 550

July 2015

Became a columnist for Hubspot which gets over 2 million monthly visitors

August 2015

Featured in LinkedIn’s Marketing Blog

August 2015

Recognised as the world's leading online training company for LinkedIn by INC Magazine

November 2015

Featured as one of the key experts in the world’s largest online LinkedIn summit

December 2015

Partnered with influencers including: Jeff Bullas, Robert Coorey, James Tuckerman & The Small Business Institute

December 2015


Database grown to 14,000
Members of our Online Program
reached 800
March 2016

Recognised as the world's largest training company for LinkedIn by INC Magazine

April 2016

Became a columnist for Business Insider ranked as one of the top 100 websites in the USA

April 2016

Recognised as the world's most powerful B2B lead generation strategy available online by Huffington Post

May 2016

Ran our most successful online campaign generating over $128,000 in 6 weeks

June 2016

Featured on the #1 business podcast in the world, John Lee Dumas´s EOFire

June 2016

Members of our Online Program reached 1100

June 2016


Database grown to 16,000
August 2016

Moved into a new much larger premises to handle our growth

September 2016

Launched Influencer Podcast interviewing Neil Patel, Dr Dimartini & many more

October 2016

Featured in SBS BizSecrets TV show

November 2016

Mastermind Members collectively generating over $1 Million within the first 4 months of the program

December 2016

Hired our Chief Happiness Officer named Benji

December 2016

Finalists in the 2016 Australian Cool Company Awards

December 2016


January 2017

Due to demand launched a new initiative helping corporate sales teams

January 2017

Founder recognised in Australia’s Top 50 Influencer Awards for 2017

March 2017

Recognised by Forbes as Australia's Leading LinkedIn Training Company

May 2017

Launched The Ask Linkfluencer Show, a show dedicated to transforming social selling on LinkedIn.


Here's what's Included...

Within the program we focus on 4 critical areas over a 12 month period to help you
DOMINATE the next 12 months with us.


Part 1

Building your Influence

Inside the mastermind you are going to discover the EXACT same system we've used to build our influence in our industry by being featured in over 60 media publications from around the world. Alex now writes for Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Business Insider & Hubspot giving him a reach of millions of business owners worldwide. Learn this system. DOMINATE your market.


Part 2

Generating Joint Venture Partnerships

Stage two involves landing lucrative joint venture partnerships with other businesses / entrepreneurs who share your target demographic. This has been one of the key drivers of Linkfluencer becoming the world's largest company for LinkedIn training. We'll show you how to find partners, connect with them and convert them into lifelong assets for your business.


Part 3

Creating your Online Sales Funnel

The third stage is where we guide you on developing your high converting online sales funnel. Mark leads this area and has built a countless number of high converting sales funnels for himself and clients generating hundreds of millions of dollars online. Get the right guidance when putting yours together and you will have a powerful foundation to exponentially grow your business online.


Part 4

Developing a Turn Key Lead Generation System

Finally, once you have built your influence, high converting sales funnel and you have connected with partners, it’s time to create a lead generating system that will have a consistent flow of your customers coming into your business day after day. We do this through a number of mediums, LinkedIn being a key component with other little known strategies we share with our inner circle.

What's Involved


12 Month Action Plan

Imagine Richard Branson handed you his exact step-by-step framework that he used to build Virgin into the company it is today and you could just follow the steps to do the same... We're no Virgin, but we've definitely scaled multiple businesses fast online. So we've created a 12 month blueprint for you to do EXACTLY what we have done. We're giving you the keys, the map, all you need to do is put it into the ignition, outsource and follow the path.


Expert Advisors

Where most business owners go wrong is that they use the wrong people to help them build their dream. If you are going to scale and scale fast, you need the right team on board who have the experience of creating successful campaigns to take you down the right path. In our mastermind we give you access to the EXACT same people we used to scale our businesses. These are some of the best minds in their fields and they have jumped on board to help you.

Masterminds & Quarterly Meet Ups

Every month we catch up online in a group to discuss where members have questions with their action plans, where they are having challenges and our expert team will jump on and answer those questions helping people solve their biggest challenges. We dive deep into what we would do in the same situation giving members actionable steps to solve their issues month in, month out.


Exclusive Community

Every member has access to the exclusive community where we and the experts are there to answer any burning questions that they may have. This allows you to get advice from not only the experts, but from other elite entrepreneurs who have run multi-million dollar companies. Here you can also connect and collaborate with other elite entrepreneurs who can support you in your journey.


All new members also get free access to our award winning Online Course and Influencer Blueprint free of charge, valued at $694. Plus, if you are accepted for the scholarship we give you 100% reseller rights to our online program which, if sold, could fund your enrolment.


Scholarships are strictly limited, so apply now to see if you qualify.

Case Studies


Peter Kinnaird

We generated an extra $810,000 in revenue in our first campaign from this program.

Within the first 12 weeks of working with Linkfluencer my company launched it’s first LinkedIn campaign. From that initial push we have generated in excess of $810,000, which looks like being much more in revenue as we finalise the agreements.

These deals have included 2 major corporate companies, 1 of them being a major bank in Australia, as well as a client on a large monthly recurring fee.

All of the 3 new clients have been attained through leveraging Linkfluencer’s powerful methodologies taught. None of the new business have been won based on price, rather the value we can provide to solve their problem.

In our industry you can easily be fighting on price, but with their methodologies around building influence, getting the foundations right and building meaningful relationships – that is no longer an issue.

I encourage more Entrepreneurs to join this fantastic community and to work closely with the team to smash through their business goals using Linkfluencer’s genuine approach to marketing your business through LinkedIn.


Leon Rogers

We are now generating over $30K in sales per week directly from the strategies taught.

At my company CTRL IT we were struggling to generate leads and get in front of key decision makers. Acquiring a lead was becoming more and more expensive and we knew that we had to try something new, identifying LinkedIn being an integral part of that.

That is when we came across Linkfluencer, we obviously did our research on the company and found that they practise what they preach and have gotten amazing results for themselves and many companies just like ours.

So we signed up with Linkfluencer and started applying the strategies within it. After 2 months of implementation we began connecting with some of the largest companies in our industry and right with the CIO’s we needed to speak with.

From there we have been generating over $30,000 in sales per week consistently directly from the strategies taught in the program. Hands down working with the team has completely transformed our business.


Martin Martinez

After 2 days of using Linkfluencer's strategy I managed to generate in excess of 200 leads for my business.

When I was first introduced to Linkfluencer I had just sold my company (Australian Poker League) and in the middle of launching my next venture. I was on the look out for a system that could help us get our message in front of key decision makers, generate quality leads and build our influence within the industry.

Fed up with the return on investment we were generating by traditional forms of advertising and marketing, I knew that the only way we were going to succeed was to embrace social media rather then dismiss it.

So under the teams mentoring and guidance I started leveraging LinkedIn and in less then 60 days I managed to set up partnerships with over 30 leading brands, get featured in over 10 media publications and generate hundreds of new leads all within 60 days.

As a result I managed to attract 150+ entrepreneurs to my launch party, which included members of the press, partners and prospect clients. If you are serious about building your profile, connections and your business, Linkfluencer can help you achieve that and more.


Michael Ni

Generated $45,000 in my first campaign.

Personally I was a little bit confused and overwhelmed by LinkedIn. I knew my target market was there, but at the same time I didn’t want to start to leverage the platform for leads without any system.

At the same time I wanted advice from a company that had first hand experience and could give me the direction I needed based on real results in similar industries – not just theory.

Now since working with Linkfluencer I finally have clarity, a structure and a process to follow that generates me quality leads consistently and as a result I have landed my first big client by following the formula. This brought in $45,000 in revenue from only my first campaign.

Do you qualify for a $11,246 scholarship?

This mastermind is NOT for everyone. To qualify you must:
  • Be committed to implementing the action plan
  • Be driven to achieve your goals
  • Be passionate about your mission
  • Be willing to invest in yourself and your business

Scholarships are strictly limited, so apply now to see if you qualify

We are currently on the lookout for rockstars in certain ‘industries’ who are driven to own their market over the next 12 months.

The total value of our program is $14,743, however if you qualify you could walk away with a $11,246 scholarship saving you 75% off your enrolment. Why are we taking such a massive risk?

Because we believe in “Case study marketing”.

A strategy where you provide a massive amount of value to the right people who are committed and driven to grow their business through a particular service.

Then you promote their results, to be able to charge out your service for 3-5 times more than you originally valued. This is the exact same strategy we used when we first launched Linkfluencer.

If it’s the right fit, you could be one of our next golden case studies.

NOTE: If you’re not willing to put in the work, not passionate, hoping for a shiny object that makes you money with no effort then this isn’t for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there still a waiting list to get into the Elite Mastermind?

This depends on when you apply, we had a large intake earlier on in the year, which meant due to high demand some people had to go on a waiting list so that we could fulfil our mastermind members needs. If you apply and there is a waiting list we will inform you of that and also review your application and let you know when a spot will become available.

I'm from overseas do you accommodate for me?

We currently only accommodate for Australia and New Zealand. However this may change in the near future.

Can I get an idea of who some of the other members are?

We have members who run highly successful coaching companies generating in excess of 7 figures a year, members who run successful technology companies with over 50 staff, consultants, international businesses we have a great diverse group who share experiences from all Industries. The best part of this is there isn’t many challenges an Entrepreneur in our community hasn’t faced.

Do I have to invest in my business?

If you are not willing to invest in your business this is not the mastermind for you, in fact, business is not for you. You have to invest in yourself and your business for it to be successful. If you are not at the stage of being able or willing to invest time, money and resources in the right areas of your business to help it scale, then please do not waste your time applying for this. In saying this though, all our strategies we have implemented have cost us around $5000 – $10,000 (having funnels built and systems implemented) so if that figure is outlandish to you we recommend raising capital before going any further in your business.

What happens if I miss a session?

All sessions are recorded so if you can’t make a mastermind call for whatever reason you can listen in later. We recommend you are online so we can answer any of your personalised questions on the spot, however you always have the exclusive community to lean on if you need some advice right away.

How much time do I have to invest in this to be successful?

This is a mastermind group so you need to invest time in attending the monthly sessions, adding value to the group as well as putting the action plan into place. If you implemented the action plan there is no doubt you will be successful. If you use our experts it comes down to managing the implementation process with them. You need to invest time to be successful so if you cannot commit over 12 months to give your all, please don’t apply.


Scholarships are strictly limited, so apply now to see if you qualify.